Unfit To Climb A Tree

by El Americano

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Matthew Howell
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Matthew Howell My dog gets really happy when I play this Favorite track: Three Years, Three Rounds.
Ignacio Lorenzo
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Ignacio Lorenzo When I first encountered El Americano I wondered why it sounded a bit familiar to me. Lo and behold this band was formally Pilots in Orbit! They enchanted me with their melodies years ago when I saw them @ Maxwell's in Hoboken. This album is full of the same energy and magic that captured back then, but with a much improved sound. Clearly the band has been honing their craft over the years. I eagerly await more, and am glad to have re-discovered their music. Favorite track: 34 After Yesterday.
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"Unfit To Climb A Tree" is El Americano's debut EP

*"Get Familiar" features George Maher on trumpet.


released October 22, 2015

All Music Written/Composed/Performed by: El Americano

Recorded and Mixed by: Proton Productions
Mastered by: Kevin Dye
Album Art by: Henry Deibel

El Americano is:

Sal Montalvo - Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar
Richie Nobrega Jr. - Guitar/Vocals
Joey Giambusso - Bass/Vocals
Mike Winnicki - Drums/Percussion



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El Americano Union Township, New Jersey

El Americano is a four piece from Union, New Jersey.


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Track Name: To Everyone And Everything In The World
the walls are made up
Track Name: Three Years, Three Rounds
you wake up with your face
married to the ground
welcome back to now
fingertips, appendages
that sit on heavy palms
attached to broken arms

oh it’s not like you to give up
start to engage interviews with bad luck

*down to the first words
that dance around like a fire
when you tell me it’s over
do you know
if you’d have better luck next door?
down to first words
karma waits for us all
don’t look over your shoulder anymore
even the sand felt like snow

so you buy souvenirs
your name is just a noun
it’s the most familiar sound
go ahead count the hours
what adjectives describe
the look that’s in your eyes

she has got the devil tongue tied
sounds like hell lost the fight
she has got the devil’s tongue tied
sounds like hell lasts the night


oh it’s so hard to know what you need
now it’s so awkward, it’s not me
Track Name: Get Familiar
you sit still in a broken car
drinking old box wine
on your front lawn you write
stories of old times
travel back to get your guitar
cross over state lines
open bar tabs you sign
that you left overnight

*have you sworn you’d change?
reassembled habits
make shapes
in my brain
don’t grow into the same
reimagined highways
shape lakes
out of frame

you exist in a broken mind
fear’s in high demand
call me crazy
as we nosedive holding hands

what if i could read your mind?
would i want to?
sorry i’d lose track of time
what else is new?
as i search for the better word
despite that you would leave so soon
what if I could read your mind, would i want to?

Track Name: 34 After Yesterday
i’ve left a motionless parade
through a trail of tailored trees
no one seems to notice though
one time wonder why
things will never change

let’s float right into the sun
carried by paper planes
that you made by hand
and filled with holes
earth breathes right into our lungs
weighted down by the mind
as it makes a home
your stomach rolls
vampires feeding off the young
why do we feel as though
that to understand
we must control

*we could steal the wine
we could steal the wine
as you tantalize
speak in pantomimes

life is bound by the sun

we could’ve fled from this town
we could’ve lived in this house
be that as it may

i’ve left a motionless parade
leading life by the hand
as it learns to walk
it’s nice to think you’d notice though
that’s the punch line
but you would laugh too late

i blend right into the wall
checking out vital signs
as we contemplate
survival rates
vampires feeding off the young
why do we feel as though
that to understand
we must control

Track Name: Tides
we would dive into the ocean
with our heads on fire
then our bodies hit the water
like concrete and barbed wire
oh i might’ve found you
on highlands we knew

i’ll find the best ways to make it worse
our lives look better in reverse

we had visions more like nightmares
the colors snuffed out
so i raced to your apartment
and found you strung out
oh i tried to jumpstart
your body with mine

with my ear pressed on your chest
holes consume all we have left

we collected all the moments
the storyboard’s cast